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Some old familiar and some new to become familiar web designing trends

The web designer’s community never gets tired of discussing old new and current trends in web designing. The trends changes as the pages in a calendar or the photos of a fashion magazine. The latest fad that’s looks like hit soon replaced by another hit and this cycle moves on, in an unstoppable manner. No one is trying to slow down the pace or nobody wants. Some of the hottest trends are what I am going to discuss. The trends that stay in 2014 and seem to blossom in 2015 are:

Content first:

Yes Content first! The users are very smart and they like to absorb as much as possible. More of content is what the users demand and want in the web site. The web sites are more content centered. With neat and simple content presentation with no distracting element is what the designer should put efforts in.

Interactive Exploring or Navigation:

The interactive exploring give a fresh feel to your website where users can touch the items and explore the website these design ideas are very innovative and unique.

Big content blocks:

There isn’t any rocket science that people love interactive content in terms of graphics aids like tablets, info graphics and tablets, perceiving and processing this sort of information is much easier and fun. The big content block with white space, bold web fonts, separated with different colors and matched with pics, become more powerful. One more boon is that it grabs reader’s attention on one statement at a time.

Bold typography:

The huge letters on the leading page of a website feels and looks very appealing at least you don’t have to strain your eyes to read the message. This bold typography is a really cool Website designing trend.

Fresh colors:

The usage of dark eyeing hurting colors is far gone! What a relief! Now designers prefer fresh colors for website color scheme like hues of light blue: that is associated with peace and serenity,violet tulip, beige the color of sand, shades of grey, stronger colors like shades of reds. All these colors should be in the color palette of any web designers.

High Quality pictures and videos:

The usage of crisp clear and HD photos and videos give a boom to the website. Even the usage of introductory videos is basically turned out to be the trend.

One Page website:

The website designing has revolutionary changes and now the fashion of website consisting thousands of pages are long gone. The one page website is the new things which are more attractive with easy content reading possibility.


The HTML 5 is going to stay a bit longer. This markup language is the core technology for constructing and presenting web content.

The flat design:

The flat design influenced from the mobile first methodology is the trend in website designing. It focuses on simplicity and clarity and gets rid of clutters and focuses on content and over all users’ experience.

These are some major changes in the trend of website designing in 2014 and some of them are going to stay in 2015.