Social Media Marketing

The cons offered by Social Media Marketing

The social media marketing is the basic need of today’s world if you have anything to sell you is forced to sell it on social media. If you don’t shout about your business or product on social media then my friend, I am really sorry to say that your product is going to be in rubbles, yea hard reality right? But that’s the cruelty or efficiency of today’s world takes it or say good bye to your product.

Let me tell you what exactly social media marketing is, well it’s the process of gaining traffic and seeking attention through social media on your web site. This marketing strategy is the new thing but certainly very powerful and proficient, and to be honest get the most of this new trend when it’s still in the spot light. Obliviously this marketing technique is related to everything on the SEO. And offers hell loads of benefits if you eagerly follows the rules that have to be followed you can gain the advantages. The advantages are really fruitful. Still there are some who thinks social media marketing is unprofitable process but according to some authentic sources 92 % of marketers in 2014 claims that this sort of marketing is very important for their business, with 80% indicating that their effort increased traffic. The benefits are in your hands and how well you played with this technique of Social media marketing. And here are some ways how social marketing can improve your business.

Obviously when you are shouting about your brand on social media you have better brand reorganization as more and more people get to know about your brand as your social media networks are just new channels for your brand’s voice and content. This part is really important as it makes you familiar to the new customer and renews your relation with the old customers.

When your brand has adequate amount of recognition you can now jumps to brand loyalty. According to some studies social media customers feels more loyal to the brands as the interaction is very easy and the accessibility to the brand is another advantage. The only thing you need is a strategic and open social media plan; those who follow brands on social platform are turned out to be more loyal to the brands.

The higher brand authority is another result you will get from social media marketing. The more you interact with your customer the more they will discuss you on their social pages which will entice new users to your brands. The more people talking about your brand on social media, the more valuable and authoritative your brand will become.

Decreased marketing cost is such a “plus plus” point for your marketing plan. Social media marketing is mostly cost free and just requires your some amount of time. According to expertise as much as only 6 hours a week served well on the social marketing will grant you amazing results. The most valuable part is the improved customer insight, the constant interacting allows you to gain info about what your customer wants and demands from your brand. Indeed social media marketing is the bliss which gives you more traffic more customers and it’s going to stay.