Search Engine Optimization

How to boost your Search Engine Optimization

SEO or search engine optimization is really basic and necessary for your website now days. You can’t gain the traffic or search engine rating if your optimization plan is not effective it will definitely decrease your popularity in Google rating. The purpose of Search engine optimization isn’t about tricking the search engine to gain the traffic but to create a seamless user experience and communicating search engine your intentions so they can recommend your website for the relevant searches.

Now these things are not easy or you weren’t born to do that because it’s the latest drift that you need to learn. Some of the things you should keep in mind while search engine optimization, are:

What search engines are looking for?

The search engine wants to do their job as best as possible they don’t neglect any of the website if it had relevant search material. But what exactly they go for is:


The content you write for your website should be relevant, all search engine hates irrelevancy. And the description of everything should be determined to the theme.


How fast your website process and what is the performance rates the slow loading website have no place in the search engine optimization.

Users experience:

How you web site looks? Is it easy to navigate around? Does it even look safe? And what will be the bouncing rate for your website? These are the question you should ask yourself fore hand.

What search engines don’t want?

The search engines have their own preference for showing the results and for popping any website for the relevant searches but most common things that search engines hates are:

Key word stuffing:

Yes they hate too much of key word stuffing. According to google latest algorithm if any site stuffs too many key words the website will be black list and will pay the plenty, so never over use key words.

Bad users experience:

Make your website user friendly that’s the utmost thing. Any website with poor users experience would be covered in dust in no time. The easy to use websites are the top rated one don’t complicate your website designing, it will have negative effects on your optimization.

Don’t forget to optimize for multi channels:

Keyword strategy isn’t only important in on-site implement but you should forget the off-site platforms like Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, linked in and so on, not to forget about emails. The key words usage on these sites will not only improve your on-site traffic but it will train your consumers to use specific phrases or key words you are optimizing for.

Focus on Meta data:

The content on your page should have tags and Meta description. If you are using Meta data then keep this thing in mind it should only talks about the specific page and formatted correctly. And it should be unique, duplicate Meta data will not get you anywhere. Another key point is to keep an interesting title that will entice your reader so they can click and read more. You should always keep Search Engine Optimization forehand and always follow best practice.